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St Augustine Fishing in the Spring

Springtime is the BEST time of year to go fishing in Saint Augustine! The Weather is Perfect and Everything is Biting. 
Learn Why!

A couple with redfish caught on a St Augustine Inshore Fishing Charter
Fishing for snapper on an offshore fishing charter in St Augustine with Captain Danny

The Fish are On The Move!

The fish we love to catch are migrating north along the Florida Atlantic coast as the weather warms the coastal waters. They are following and feeding on huge schools of bait fish, especially menhaden (pogies). Cobia, Sharks and King Mackerel (Kingfish) are just some of the large predators following and feasting on these huge schools of bait fish. The cycle repeats itself in the Autumn but with schools of fish migrating south, in the opposite direction, as water temperatures drop along the coast.
Everything is biting during the Spring migration feeding frenzy!

The Fish are Closer to Shore!

Species usually found much further offshore during the chilly winter months are within easy reach of St Augustine shores starting in the Spring. As the waters near shore reach 70 degrees, many desirable species move closer to shore in the Spring usually within 3 miles of the coast. The species we love to target and moving closer to the coast this time of year include Red Snapper, Vermillion Snapper, Amberjacks, King Mackerel, Tripletails, huge Bull Redfish and big Flounders.

A girl cobia fishing in St Augustine, Florida

Spring is the Time for Sight Fishing for Cobia, Sharks and Tripletails!

As fish migrate north along the coast during the Spring, many Saint Augustine fishing guides like Captain Danny, love to take guest anglers sight fishing for Cobia, Tripletails and even Sharks! These species are traveling close to shore during the Spring, usually within 3 miles of the Saint Augustine coastline. The clear blue waters off the coast of Saint Augustine make sight fishing a popular option on any Springtime offshore fishing trip.

Sighting Giant Rays off the Coast of St Augustine! (And Catching Cobia!) Sight fishing is becoming more and more popular with fishing charter captains all over Florida. And the most popular species for sight fishing in Saint Augustine is Cobia! A favorite technique for finding cobia of Captain Danny of Long Line Charters is sighting Giant Rays breaching out of the water like a whale! No one knows why these huge Devil Rays and Manta Rays (as wide as 16 feet across) leap out of the water but we know Cobia love to swim in their shadows below them! We don’t want the giant Rays, we want the Cobia! (Devil Rays and Manta Rays are protected species)

Cobia put up a great fight and reeling one in is always a favorite catch on any St Augustine fishing charter! Just watching a huge ray leap way out of the water is an experience no one in your charter will forget! When you’re ready for some serious sight fishing in Saint Augustine for Cobia, Tripletails and even Sharks, book a charter with Captain Danny!

A man shows his redfish while fishing in st Augustine, Florida

Inshore Fishing Heats Up in the Spring too!

As the weather warms the inlets, bays, coastal rivers and estuaries, more fish we love to target move into shallower inshore waters. Mangrove Snapper, big Flounders, Spanish Mackerel and even Sharks such as Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks, Shovelheads and Bull Sharks will work their way inshore to feed.

As the weather warms in the Spring, all fish species become more active. Inshore species such as Redfish, Spotted Sea Trout, Black Drum and Snook are biting more and more!

Make the most of your Spring visit to Saint Augustine with a Private Fishing Charter with Captain Danny and Long Line Charters!

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