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St Augustine
Inshore Fishing Charters
by Long Line Charters

Saint Augustine, Florida

Inshore, Light Tackle, Flats Fishing
with Captain Danny Ledford


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St Augustine Inshore Fishing Charters by Long Line Charters

Autumn Fishing in Saint Augustine

Autumn is Prime Time for Inshore Fishing in Saint Augustine!

Lady angler with a redfish caught while fishing with Captain Danny in Saint AugustineAs the summer heat subsides, the days get shorter and the waters near St Augustine begin to cool, schools of finger mullet, a feast for a large variety of highly desirable game fish, begin streaming through the inlets around St Augustine. Following the mullet through the inlets and into the inshore waters are large numbers of saltwater species. They include big bull Redfish, Jack Crevalle, Bluefish, Flounder, Sheepshead, Black Drum, Spanish Mackerel and Whitings.

These species are usually found further offshore and more widespread during the hot summer months. During the St Augustine Autumn, which typically runs from mid October to mid December, these same species are much easier to reach as they vacate their offshore habitats and follow the mullet schools into inshore waters.

Schools of bait fish, like the finger mullet, also run along the coast, heading south ahead of approaching cool fronts that inevitably lower the water temperature as winter approaches. The same game fish that enter the inlets to feed can also be caught nearshore as they feed on finger mullet and other baitfish.

Weather permitting, Captain Danny of Longline Charters, will run nearshore fishing trips in St Augustine up to 5 miles off the coast throughout the Autumn months.

A blue heron seen on a Saint Augustine fishing charterThe Most Pristine Inshore Saltwater Habitat in Northwest Florida!

Between the beautiful beaches of St Johns County (home to St Augustine) and Florida's Highway 1 lie many miles of undeveloped coastal rivers and wetlands. These untouched aquatic treasures, unseen by most tourists to St Augustine, provide world class inshore fishing to anglers lucky enough to discover them or to charter an inshore fishing trip with an experienced local fishing guide like Captain Danny of Longline Charters.

Where We Fish!

North of Saint Augustine, along the Tolomato River (known as the North River to locals) lies the Guana River Wildlife Management Area and the Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve. These large protected swaths of woods and wetlands help preserve the adjacent Tolomato River (North River) and Guana River (more a uniquely Florida coastal lagoon than a river) from environmental harm due to overdevelopment. In addition they help preserve these estuarine waterways as prime inshore fishing habiat.

Captain Danny takes anglers on inshore fishing trips up the Tolomato River (North River) as far as Pine Island, about two thirds up the river to the town of Palm Valley.

A nice keeper redfish caught with Captain Danny near St AugustineAt Saint Augustine, anglers on an inshore fishing trip with Captain Danny can fish Saint Augustine Inlet, gateway for fish entering nearby inshore waterways from the Atlantic Ocean. Also at St Augustine, between the old town and the inlet, anglers can fish the rich waterway known as Salt Run. The land adjacent to this coastal lagoon is well protected by Anastasia State Park. When fishing Salt Run with Captain Danny, you'll experience some of the most beautiful and serene inshore shorelines in Florida. Salt Run is just minutes from the old town of Saint Augustine.

South of Saint Augustine lies another coastal river, the Matanzas River. Like the the Tolomato (North) River, the Matanzas is a slow moving Florida coastal river that runs parallel to the Atlantic Coast. The Matanzas River empties into the Atlantic at Saint Augustine Inlet, just after passing through the town of Saint Augustine. As much a coastal lagoon as a river, the Matanzas has the benefit of connecting to the sea through a second inlet, the Matanzas Inlet, nearly 20 miles south of Saint Augustine Inlet. Like Saint Augustine Inlet, the Matanzas Inlet is another gateway to the open sea for fish entering and leaving local inshore waterways.

Captain Danny will take anglers on a St Augustine inshore fishing charter as far north as Pine Island on the Tolomato (North) River, and as far south as Matanzas Inlet, depending on what's biting and where.

Offshore Fishing in Saint Augustine during the Autumn Months

On St Augustine Offshore Fishing Charters with Captain Danny, fishing is as good as ever during the Autumn months! Summer lingers well into September and October in St Augustine. The days grow shorter but warm weather persists until the first cool fronts move down from the north usually around mid October.

As these northern fronts cool down the waters offshore, huge schools of baitfish migrate south along the coast seeking warmer waters. Hungry migratory species such as Cobia, King Mackerel, Wahoo and Mahi feed on these schools of baitfish and follow them along the coast.

As they pass St Augustine, there's always the possibility of hooking into one of these large, hard fighting predators on an Autumn offshore fishing trip with Captain Danny.

Captain Danny holds up a large red snapper for his guestOffshore Bottom Fishing

For a surer catch, Captain Danny will take you to one of the many rock ledges or fabulous artificial reefs off the coast of St Augustine. There you'll fish for bottom dwelling species that inhabit these reefs and ledges year round including many species of Snapper and Grouper, Sea Bass and Flounder. Some of the more common Snapper And Grouper species found there are Red Snapper, Lane Snapper, Red Eye (Vermillion) Snapper, Mangrove (Gray) Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper, Scamp Grouper and Gag Grouper. Every one of these fish are fun to catch and when in season, provide some of the best tasting table fare the sea has to offer.

Hunting above and around these reefs and ledges are Amberjacks and Sharks. When hooked, these predators of the reefs will give any angler, experienced or newcomer, a fight they will long remember.

As long as the water temperature remains fairly warm (75 degrees or so) Tarpon can be caught nearshore or around the inlets near St Augustine. Tarpon typically migrate to warmer waters further south of St Augustine around the end of October but from late summer through October, Tarpon can be encountered on a Saint Augustine fishing trip with Captain Danny.

A Little About Saint Augustine's Artificial Reefs!

The east coast of Florida, including St Johns County and St Augustine, has one of the most extensive and successful artificial reef system in the country. Comprised primarily of discarded concrete structures (from bridge pilings to highway barriers) and scuttled vessels (from barges to tug boats) the artificial reefs near St Augustine have become prime offshore habitat for all sorts of sea life, especially the fish species we love to target. The success of these artificial reefs has been so great that specially designed hollow concrete pods riddled with portals have been placed offshore to serve as fish "condos".

Today, there are over 40 of these artificial reefs off the shores of St Augustine and St Johns County at depths
ranging from 55 to 125 feet. Weather permitting, Captain Danny and Long Line Charters in Saint Augustine, can take you fishing offshore to these highly productive reefs throughout the Autumn months.

Ready to Experience Autumn Time Fishing in Saint Augustine?

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St Augustine Inshore Fishing Charters
by Long Line Charters

Saint Augustine, Florida
Inshore, Light Tackle, Flats Fishing Trips
with Captain Danny Ledford


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